Pampering your Feet

Getting a pedicure is a fun way to relax and relieve your feet. At the same time, you are also giving your toenails a nice, clean, and healthy appearance. A variety of treatments give the opportunity to choose the best treatment for your feet.

Regular pedicure

The trendiest pedicure is the regular pedicure. This pedicure aims the maintenance of your toenails. The regular pedicure consists of soaking feet in a warm tub of aromatic salts. Toenails are clipped, cleaned and heel file is used for smoothening skin and calluses. Then a moisturizer is applied to the foot. Lastly, the toenails are painted to a color of your choice.

“Mind your Heels” pedicure (therapeutic)

An upgrade to the regular pedicure with a few extra steps make your feet happy again. This pedicure focuses on the intensive care of your heels which during summer they become dehydrated and painful. The Mind your Heels pedicure typically involves one of following treatments of your choice:

  1. A special foot lotion and salt scrub
  2. A paraffin wax and salt scrub
  3. Intensive heel care (wrapped technique) and feet massage

Further combination of treatments are possible please ask us for advice

Pedicure with semi-permanent varnish

Tired of brittle and cracked nails? This method offers you shiny nails without waiting for them to get dry. Soft gel pedicure uses a special polish and a UV lamp that should allow your polish to last about two or three weeks. The procedure is followed exactly as the regular pedicure but with stronger polish in the end.

Men’s Pedicure joy

A pedicure for men who needs care, maintenance and relaxation for their feet. In faena beauty salon men can have nail maintenance, callus exfoliation, massage and any other of our spa services.