Regular & semi-permanent manicure

The regular manicure is a procedure to keep your nails clean and pretty. Soaking hands in warm water with aromatic salts. Next, a lotion is applied to correct cuticles and heal hardening hand.

Nails are trimmed, cleaned, and shaped. A quick hand massage follows. Regular polish or semi-permanent is applied by the color of your choice.

Artificial nails

Gel, acrylic or acrygel manicure

Make your nails look longer, maintain them hard and give them the shape you prefer just by applying acrylic gel

In this process, a plastic nail tip can be applied with glue or form for lengthening. Then your preferable material is laid over the entire nail and sculpted. Acrylic, gel or acry-gel are the materials Faena beauty salon uses.

….with forms

.…with tips

Paraffin hand manicure.

Warm paraffin has healing properties. It applied in hands and feet as a treatment to ease pain of arthritis, cracked skin, as well as moisturize the dry skin. First hands are dipped in the warm paraffin for 10-15’ then detailed manicure follows. Color of your taste is applied and voilà hands pretty and softer than ever.